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Scotland is an extremely literary country; and from the days of the first printing presses we've had a major impact on books and publishing. So much so that in the later 20th century our best publishers, many of them household names, became targets for major multi-nationals and moved away. While the financial clout of our publishing sector has declined, the creativity has remained high and many of our publishers punch above their weight. Our legacy of authors is world class and the modern ones continue the tradition in fine style. The aim of Books in Scotland is to ensure that our writers and publishers reach as wide an audience as possible and ensure that our literary traditions continue to flourish.

Classic Literature

We'll have all the latest editions of classic Scottish Literature - Scott, Stevenson, Dunnett, Tranter, and many more.

Latest Fiction

We'll have news of the latest books by well-known modern and up-and-coming authors in Crime, Fiction, Thrillers and Children's Fiction.

All the Best Non-fiction

We'll have the best Histories, Pictorials, Natural Histories, Sport, and everything else published in and about Scotland.

Making the books available to purchase

There are some changes afoot! Since its creation this has been purely an information site, but we had always envisaged offering methods of ordering the books that we display. Following a period when, due to some major life upheavals the site was not being regularly updated with new material, we are now getting back up to speed and part of that is addressing this how best to provide a sales channel.

We had originally hoped to work with a Scottish bookseller or wholesaler but this has not proven possible. We also had to consider the major developments that have occurred in the availability and popularity of electronic books.

Ebooks too

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While most Scottish non-fiction is not yet available in this form an increasing amount of fiction is, and we felt that whatever solution we adopted had to include the possibility of selling ebooks. For this reason we have now become an Amazon UK affiliate and all the books can now be ordered through them via a link at the side of the edition details. We hope this will provide the best solution for ordering the widest range of Scottish books and ebooks.



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