Scottish Archaeology

Scotland's varied cultural and political history has bequeathed it a wonderful variety of ancient sites - from Neolithic to Medieval. There are the Stone circles of Callanish on Lewis, Brodgar on Orkney and numerous smaller ones on the mainland. There are forts and crannogs and burial mounds and symbol stones. There are artefacts from Celtic, Norse, Pictish and Roman times. A wealth of knowledge to be divined and a host of puzzles to be solved.

A Gathering of Eagles

Maxwell Gordon

Book cover for And on This Rock And on This Rock

Donald S Murray

An inspiring story of how the human spirit triumphs over adversity this book tells the incredible tale of how a small group of Italian soldiers, imprisoned on the island of Orkney during WW2, came to construct the renowned Italian chapel.

Book cover for Between the Wind and the Water Between the Wind and the Water

Caroline Wickham-Jones

Farmers, Temples and Tombs

Gordon Barclay

Part of a newly updated edition of the acclaimed Making of Scotland series produced by Historic Scotland and Birlinn.

Neolithic Scotland

Gordon Noble

Book cover for Roman Scotland Roman Scotland

David J Breeze


Graham Ritchie


Anna Ritchie

Settlement and Sacrifice

Richard Hingley

Book cover for The Antonine Wall The Antonine Wall

David J Breeze

Book cover for The Caves of Mid Argyll The Caves of Mid Argyll

Christopher Tolan-Smith

Book cover for The Vikings The Vikings

Julian D Richards

Vikings in Scotland

James Graham-Campbell

Wild Harvesters

Bill Finlayson


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