Scotland's capital city is a fascinating amalgam of history, architecture, culture and much more. The dramatic castle, the elegant New Town, the high tenaments of the Old Town. The literary heritage. The Festivals that attract performers from all over the world. The new Parliament bringing more development into the city. The rivalry with Glasgow and the European leanings. All this contribute to the makeup of a city that has reinvented itself many times.

Book cover for Capital of the Mind Capital of the Mind

James Buchan

Edinburgh role as the centre of the Enlightenment

Book cover for Curious Edinburgh Curious Edinburgh

Michael Turnbull

Exploring the Capital's endlessly fascinating and often hidden details.

Book cover for Edinburgh Edinburgh

Neil Wilson


Michael Fry

A biography of Scotland's first city, in the manner of Peter Ackroyd's bestselling London: A Biography.


Jan-Andrew Henderson

Book cover for Edinburgh After Dark Edinburgh After Dark

Ron Halliday

Book cover for Inside Edinburgh Inside Edinburgh

David Torrance

A glimpse inside some of the most decadent and beautiful homes and buildings in Edinburgh.

Book cover for Living Memories Living Memories

Jennifer Veitch

Book cover for Lost Edinburgh Lost Edinburgh

Hamish Coghill

The story of some of Edinburgh's landmarks that have disappeared.

No More Corncraiks

Ann Mitchell

Book cover for Renewing Old Edinburgh Renewing Old Edinburgh

Jim Johnson

The ideas of Geddes and their influence on Edinburgh

South Edinburgh

Malcolm Cant

St Giles'

Rosalind Marshall

A history of the High Kirk of St Giles

Book cover for The Making of Classical Edinburgh The Making of Classical Edinburgh

A J Youngson

The definitive study of how Edinburgh's New Town came into being.

Book cover for The Place Names of Edinburgh The Place Names of Edinburgh

Stuart Harris

A comprehensive list of Edinburgh streets past and present and how they got their names.


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