Scottish Food and Cookery

Scots have a curious relationship with food, we have some of the finest in the world - Aberdeen Angus steak, Highland Venison, west coast sea-food and glorious soft fruit - yet we are also the home of such horrors as deep-fried Pizzas and Mars Bar, and we celebrate our national poet with a meal made of offal packed in a sheep's stomach. Our best cookbooks use simple recipes but fresh ingredients. We also have a tradition of excellent food writers and fine chefs.

Book cover for Best of Traditional Scottish Cooking Best of Traditional Scottish Cooking

Christopher Trotter

A look at the various ingredients that are produced and cooked in Scotland

Book cover for Broths to Bannocks Broths to Bannocks

Catherine Brown

Book cover for Classic Scots Cookery Classic Scots Cookery

Catherine Brown

Book cover for Maw Broon's Cookbook Maw Broon's Cookbook

Recipes, some traditional and some fanciful, from the much loved cartoon series The Broons

Book cover for Orkney Spirit Orkney Spirit

Liz Ashworth

Book cover for Scots Cooking Scots Cooking

Sue Lawrence

Book cover for Scottish Cookery Scottish Cookery

Catherine Brown

Scottish Seafood

Catherine Brown

A major new cookery book highlighting the superb seafood found around Scottish shores.

Book cover for The Scots Kitchen The Scots Kitchen

F Marian McNeill

In this new edition we revisit the joys of McNeill's recipes whilst also catching a glimpse of the social and historical importance of the book when it was first published. This is the first new edition of The Scots Kitchen for over thirty years

Book cover for The Three Chimneys The Three Chimneys

Shirley Spear

Award winning chef Shirley Spear brings to life the story of the Three Chimneys restaurant in Skye - a winning combination of recipes, culinary essays, personal anecdotes and stunning photography.

Book cover for Traditional Scottish Cookery Traditional Scottish Cookery

Theodora Fitzgibbon


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