Scottish Genealogy

Scotland has long been a source of emigrants. Long before the Highland Clearances Scots were seeking new opportunities in other countries with greater natural resources or better trading positions. After the Union, Britain's empire was largely fought for and administered by Scots, who were thus spread to the four corners of the world. The Scottish diaspora is most in evidence in the USA and Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia, but can also be found in India and South East Asia amongst many others. A common thread amongst many of these families is a feeling of kinship with the home country and a desire to discover and explore their roots. These books will help you to track down your Scottish ancestors.

Book cover for Rooted in Scotland Rooted in Scotland

Cameron Taylor

Book cover for Scottish Genealogy Scottish Genealogy

Bruce Durie

A comprehensive guide to tracing your family history in Scotland.

Book cover for Scottish Roots Scottish Roots

Alwyn James

A straightforward introduction to tracing your Scottish ancestors

The Scots

Alistair Moffat

A remarkable new piece of research that vividly uncovers Scotland's DNA Map.

Tracing Your Scottish Ancestors

National Archives

Scotland has one of the best-maintained records and facilities of any country in the world for undertaking family research. This book details internet developments, including a chapter on family history on the web.

Book cover for Tracing Your Scottish Family History Tracing Your Scottish Family History

Anthony Adolph

A comprehensive guide to tracing your Scottish ancestry written by a professional genealogist who has written and broadcast on the subject many times.


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