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Once the industrial heart of Britain and long known as the Second City of the Empire, Glasgow is a vibrant mixture of influences - Highland Scot, Irish, and American amongst them. With the decline of the shipbuilding, steel and other heavy industries that it had long relied on it has had to transform itself in order to survive. In the face of considerable scepticism It has gone from the old image of No Mean City to successful City of Culture while trying to deal with some of the worst poverty and health records in western Europe.

Book cover for Glasgow Glasgow

Elizabeth Williamson

Book cover for Glasgow Glasgow

John Burrowes

Glasgow A Pocket Miscellany

Bruce Durie

A collection of intriguing, quirky and unexpected facts about the city that was once the "second city of Empire"

Book cover for Glasgow Smells Glasgow Smells

Michael Meighan

Book cover for Glasgow Street Names Glasgow Street Names

Carol Foreman

Book cover for Harry Bensonís Glasgow Harry Bensonís Glasgow

Harry Benson

Benson is one of the world's most famous photographers, his pictures of the Beatles and Muhammad Ali amongst the most iconic of documentary images. Here he returns to his native Glasgow to tell its story.

Book cover for Lost Glasgow Lost Glasgow

Carol Foreman

Book cover for River of Fire River of Fire

John Macleod


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