Scottish History

Few countries have a more varied or romantic history than Scotland. A country that the Romans failed to subdue, that has been populated with inhabitants that include Picts, Scots and Vikings, that fought to reassert its independence in the face of many invasion attempts by southern neighbours, and whose line of kings would eventually inherit the English throne.

A country who Columba made into the centre of Celtic Christianity and which was one of the earliest to embrace Lutheranism. A country that has produced a seemingly endless supply of great inventors, scientists and doctors. But one which has often seen its best people leave for foreign shores. Scottish history books are as varied and fascinating as the country itself.

A Gathering of Eagles

Maxwell Gordon

Book cover for A History Book for Scots A History Book for Scots

Walter Bower

Extracts from the mediaeval chronicle of Scots history.

Book cover for A Time of Tyrants A Time of Tyrants

Trevor Royle

Acclaimed military historian Trevor Royle examines Scotland's role in the Second World War.

Age of the Picts

W.A. Cummins

Book cover for An Honest Trade An Honest Trade

An account of the dramatic changes which took place in the book trade during the 20th century.

Book cover for Around the Peat Fire Around the Peat Fire

Calum Smith

Calum Smith's memoirs are a celebration of a Gaelic culture and society in the throes of great change.

Book cover for Arran Arran

K T S Campbell

Book cover for Before Scotland Before Scotland

Alistair Moffat

Covers the ancient pre-history from the end of the Ice Age to the beginning of the reign of Constantine II.

Book cover for Black Friday Black Friday

Peter Aitchison

The tragic story of the country's worst ever fishing disaster.

Book cover for Blind Harry's Wallace Blind Harry's Wallace

William Hamilton

A very readable version of the original book that made Wallace a legend.

Book cover for Bodysnatchers to Lifesavers Bodysnatchers to Lifesavers

Dorothy H Crawford

An illustrated history of medicine in Edinburgh

Border Fury

John Sadler

Book cover for Capital of the Mind Capital of the Mind

James Buchan

Edinburgh role as the centre of the Enlightenment

Cattle on a Thousand Hills

Katharine Stewart

An insightful, affectionate look at the often neglected role of cattle in shaping Highland life, from religious practices to cattle-raiding to cowboys.

Book cover for Cochrane Cochrane

Donald Thomas

Book cover for Cochrane the Dauntless Cochrane the Dauntless

David Cordingly

The inspiring story of one of the great military heroes of all time.

Book cover for Coll and Tiree Coll and Tiree

Erskine Beveridge

Book cover for Culloden Culloden

John Prebble

Book cover for Culloden and the Last Clansman Culloden and the Last Clansman

James Hunter

The true story that inspired Stevenson's Kidnapped.

Death of a Chief

Douglas Watt

Mystery surrounds the murder of Sir Lachlan MacLean, an impoverished Highland laird.

Dryburgh Abbey

Richard Fawcett

Book cover for Eigg Eigg

Camille Dressler

An account of the history of the island and its people from ancient times to the celebrated community buyout in 1997.

Farmers, Temples and Tombs

Gordon Barclay

Part of a newly updated edition of the acclaimed Making of Scotland series produced by Historic Scotland and Birlinn.

From Sea to Sea

Len Paterson

A history the major canals in Scotland including the Caledonian Canal, the Forth and Clyde Canal and the Crinan Canal.

Book cover for Frontier Scots Frontier Scots

Jenni Calder

From the bagpipes that were heard on the walls of the Alamo, to the Gaelic speaking cowboys and the ubiquitous Highland fiddlers: there is scarcely an episode in American history in which Scots do not appear. Meet the Scots who tamed the Wild West.

Book cover for Glencoe Glencoe

John Prebble

Greyfriars Bobby

Frances Jarvie

The story of the Skye terrier who refused to leave his master's grave in Greyfriar's Kirkyard, Edinburgh.

Book cover for Highland Cowboys Highland Cowboys

Rob Gibson

In Search of Scotland

Gordon Menzies

Book cover for Islay Islay

David Caldwell

A historical and cultural survey of the Island of Islay.

Book cover for Last of the Free Last of the Free

James Hunter

An analysis of the ways that the Western Highlands and Islands have been governed throughout history and how their culture has been affected.

Book cover for Lewis & Harris Lewis & Harris

Francis Thompson


Magnus Magnusson

Book cover for Lord James Lord James

Catherine Hermary-Vieille

Story of James Hepburn, Lord of Bothwell, and his life from childhood to the betrayal by a spurned lover that leads to his imprisonment.

Book cover for Lords of Alba Lords of Alba

Ian Walker

Book cover for Lost Edinburgh Lost Edinburgh

Hamish Coghill

The story of some of Edinburgh's landmarks that have disappeared.

Luftwaffe Over Scotland

Les Taylor

A full analysis of the German bombing campaign against Scotland in WWII.

Book cover for Macbeth Macbeth

Fiona Watson

An analysis of the real King Macbeth - very different from the Shakespearean political fictionalisation.

Medicine in Scotland

Helen Dingwall

Book cover for Medieval Scotland Medieval Scotland

Alan MacQuarrie

Melrose Abbey

Richard Oram


John Buchan


Jo Currie

Nine Against the Unknown

Lewis Grassic Gibbon

A history of nine famous explorers - from Leif Ericsson, to Magellan to Mungo Park.

No More Corncraiks

Ann Mitchell

Book cover for Northern Lights Northern Lights

Alison Morrison-Low

The book is published to celebrate the 200th anniversary, on 11 February 2011, of the world's oldest rock lighthouse, the Bell Rock Lighthouse.

Book cover for Orkney: A Historical Guide Orkney: A Historical Guide

Caroline Wickham-Jones

Book cover for Pirates and the Lost Templar Fleet Pirates and the Lost Templar Fleet

David Hatcher Childress

Queen of Scots

Rosalind Marshall

Book cover for River of Fire River of Fire

John Macleod

Book cover for Robert Bruce Robert Bruce

Colm McNamee

Robert Bruce

G.W.S. Barrow

Robert the Bruce

Fiona Watson

Robert the Bruce

Caroline Bingham

Book cover for Roman Scotland Roman Scotland

David J Breeze

Book cover for Rum Rum

John A Love


Michael Lynch

A classic single volume survey of Scottish history, used by students and laymen alike.


Graham Ritchie

Scotland and the British Empire

John M MacKenzie

Examines the key roles of Scots in central aspects of the Atlantic and imperial economies from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries

Scotland's Castles

C J Tabraham

Book cover for Scotland: A History Scotland: A History

Fiona Watson

Scotland: A History

Jenny (Ed.) Wormald

A series of essays by academic historians on specific periods of Scottish history.

Scotland: Mapping the Nation

Chris Fleet

A history of Scotland told from the perspective of maps and map-making, beautifully illustrated throughout with full-colour plates.

Scotland: The Autobiography

Rosemary Goring

Scotland's history in the words of the people who were there at the time of the events.

Book cover for Scottish Battles Scottish Battles

John Sadler

Scottish history has been shaped and defined by a series of great battles. From Mons Graupius to Culloden, this book shows how terrain and politics shaped the campaigns and decisive engagements.

Scottish History

Edward J Cowan

Book cover for Scottish Queens 1034-1714 Scottish Queens 1034-1714

Rosalind Marshall

Settlement and Sacrifice

Richard Hingley

Book cover for Shale Voices Shale Voices

Alistair Findlay

A comprehensive documentary of Scotland's shale mining industry.

Book cover for Skull & Saltire Skull & Saltire

Jim Hewitson

Some of the unlikely characters who turned their seafaring skills to more nefarious purposes.


John Marsden

St Giles'

Rosalind Marshall

A history of the High Kirk of St Giles

Book cover for St. Kilda St. Kilda

Campbell McCutcheon

Book cover for Tartan Air Force Tartan Air Force

Deborah Lake

Book cover for The Antonine Wall The Antonine Wall

David J Breeze

Book cover for The Argyll Book The Argyll Book

Donald Omand

The Border Line

Eric Robson

The Borders

Alistair Moffat

Book cover for The Castles of Scotland The Castles of Scotland

Martin Coventry

Book cover for The Dam Builders The Dam Builders

James Miller

Book cover for The Darien Disaster The Darien Disaster

John Prebble

The Emperor's New Kilt

Jan-Andrew Henderson

The international image of the Scots is largely romantic invention when t should celebrate major contributions to the world.

Book cover for The Faded Map The Faded Map

Alistair Moffat

Book cover for The Flowers of the Forest The Flowers of the Forest

Trevor Royle

An exploration of how Scotland's role in the Great War caused massive changes in its economy and social fabric.

The Highland Clans

Alistair Moffat

Book cover for The Hydro Boys The Hydro Boys

Emma Wood

The story of the hydro-electric schemes which were created in the Highlands in order to provide power to the region.

Book cover for The Killing Time The Killing Time

David S Ross

The King's Jaunt

John Prebble

Book cover for The Lords of the Isles The Lords of the Isles

Raymond Campbell Paterson

The Men of the North

Tim Clarkson

The New History of Orkney

William P L Thompson

The definitive history of the Orkney Isles. Now in a long awaited second edition.

Book cover for The Prisoner of St Kilda The Prisoner of St Kilda

Margaret Macaulay

Book cover for The Reivers The Reivers

Alistair Moffat

Book cover for The Rough Wooings The Rough Wooings

Marcus Merriman

Book cover for The Royal Stuarts The Royal Stuarts

Allan Massie

The Royal Stuarts ruled for over 300 years in Scotland and for a century as the Royal Family of Britain and Ireland.

The Scots

Alistair Moffat

A remarkable new piece of research that vividly uncovers Scotland's DNA Map.

Book cover for The Scottish Countryside The Scottish Countryside

Rosemary Gibson

The Scottish Reformation

Gordon Donaldson

The Scottish Revolution 1637-44

David Stevenson

A history of the Scottish Covenanters from their army's famous victory in England before the English Civil War, and Scotland's precarious position afterwards.

The Sea Kingdoms

Alistair Moffat

Book cover for The Small Isles The Small Isles

Denis Rixson

The Steel Bonnets

George MacDonald Fraser

The Stone

Nigel Tranter

The Story of Scotland

Nigel Tranter

Book cover for The Tsar's Doctor The Tsar's Doctor

Mary McGrigor

James Wylie became one of the most celebrated doctors in Europe and the centre of two of the most fascinating and enduring conspiracy theories in Russian history.

The Vikings

Magnus Magnusson

Book cover for The Vikings The Vikings

Julian D Richards

Book cover for The Wall The Wall

Alistair Moffat

The construction and significance of Hadrian's Wall

Thomas Telford

L. T. C. Rolt

Book cover for To the Ends of the Earth To the Ends of the Earth

T M Devine

A history of Scottish emigration.

Book cover for Under the Hammer Under the Hammer

Fiona Watson

Book cover for West Highland Railway West Highland Railway

John McGregor

Book cover for Why Scottish History Matters Why Scottish History Matters

Rosalind Mitchison

Wild Harvesters

Bill Finlayson

Book cover for William Wallace William Wallace

Andrew Fisher

William Wallace

Chris Brown

Book cover for William Wallace: Brave Heart William Wallace: Brave Heart

James MacKay

The real history behind one of Scotland's most iconic heroes.

Book cover for Women of Scotland Women of Scotland

David S Ross

Stories of Scottish women throughout history


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