Maritime and Shipping Books

With many islands and a complex coastline Scotland has traditionally relied a lot on sea travel, while fishing has been a key source of food.

A World Apart:

Andrew Clark

MacBryne Steamers

Alistair Deayton

Book cover for Northern Lights Northern Lights

Alison Morrison-Low

The book is published to celebrate the 200th anniversary, on 11 February 2011, of the world's oldest rock lighthouse, the Bell Rock Lighthouse.

Book cover for Scottish Fishing Boats Scottish Fishing Boats

James Pottinger

Covers the fishing history of the areas of north-east Scotland, the west coast, and Shetland.

Shipping of the River Forth

William F Hendrie

Book cover for Skull & Saltire Skull & Saltire

Jim Hewitson

Some of the unlikely characters who turned their seafaring skills to more nefarious purposes.


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