Scottish Music

Scotland has a rich musical tradition. The Celtic chiefs traditionally had their pipers, fiddlers and harpists and their tunes and skills, cross fertilised by the traditions of Orkney and Shetland, and the Lowland folk singers, live on in the now thoroughly revived folk music which maintains a proud place in world music. Though less well known we also have a history of fine classical composers and excellent orchestras and conductors, while in the Jazz sphere we can boast figures such as renowned saxophonist Tommy Smith.

Book cover for A Traveller's Life A Traveller's Life

Sheila Stewart

The acclaimed story teller and ballad singer takes us through the story of her life.

Muir Mathieson

S.J. Hetherington

Book cover for Scotland's Music Scotland's Music

John Purser

Book cover for Songs of Gaelic Scotland Songs of Gaelic Scotland

Anne Lorne Gillies


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