Scottish Natural History

Scotland has some of the wildest places left in Europe and is thus a source of endless study for the naturalist. Here are to be found Golden Eagles and Capercaillie, Pine Martens and Wildcats, Dolphins and Minke Whales, rare butterflies and wild flowers.

Book cover for A Private Sort of Life A Private Sort of Life

Bridget MacCaskill

Fauna Scotica

Mary Low

A complete companion to Scottish animals and birds.

Flora Celtica

William Milliken

Lady of the Loch

Helen Armitage

The story of the first Osprey to return to Scotland, which is still breeding 25 years later

Midges in Scotland

George Hendry

On the Swirl of the Tide

Bridget MacCaskill

Rare, Wild and Free

Mike Tomkies

Deeply insightful nature writing that gives us a window into the wildlife of Scotland and Canada.

Book cover for Rum Rum

Magnus Magnusson

Scottish Wild Flowers

Michael Scott

An ideal guide for anyone who wishes to learn about the wealth of wild flowers that can be found in Scotland.

Book cover for Seton Gordon's Scotland Seton Gordon's Scotland

Hamish M Brown

A collection of some of Seton Gordon's finest articles.

Book cover for Shetland Diaries Shetland Diaries

Simon King

Song Of The Rolling Earth

Sir John Lister-Kaye

The celebrated conservationist and naturalist recounts his work in the Aigas Field Centre, the wildlife that he sees around him and the relationship between man and nature. A classic of environmental writing.

The White Island

Sir John Lister-Kaye

Wilderness Dreams

Mike Cawthorne

8 essays on different aspects of the remotest places in Scotland


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