Scottish Social History

Scotland is a mix of numerous cultures and influences - Norse, Pictish, Celtic, Flemish and English - and has long been split between the Highland and Lowland parts of the country. It has suffered from wars and famine, seen poverty and class divides in both countryside and city, and been regarded as geographically remote. Such a complex mixture provides for fascinating social histories as sweeping changes have overtaken the country throughout the last few centuries, rendering many ways of life redundant and almost forgotten. Yet we have recently see island and community buy-outs revitalise areas and crofting has made a comeback as an ecologically sound way of life.

Here too are the stories of those who emigrated to start new lives abroad but took much of their essential Scottish character with them.

Book cover for A Dance Called America A Dance Called America

James Hunter

The impact of the Scottish Highlanders who emigrated to America in search of a new life.

Book cover for A Poem Of Remote Lives A Poem Of Remote Lives

Michael Russell

Wonderfully evocative photographs by a German aristocrat who fell in love with the Hebrides.

Book cover for A Time of Tyrants A Time of Tyrants

Trevor Royle

Acclaimed military historian Trevor Royle examines Scotland's role in the Second World War.

Book cover for A Very Civil People A Very Civil People

John Lorne Campbell

A collection of essays on the people and traditions of the Western Isles by this noted scholar.

All Made Up

Janice Galloway

Book cover for An Honest Trade An Honest Trade

An account of the dramatic changes which took place in the book trade during the 20th century.

Book cover for Around the Peat Fire Around the Peat Fire

Calum Smith

Calum Smith's memoirs are a celebration of a Gaelic culture and society in the throes of great change.

Ayr Then & Now

Dane Love

Book cover for Black Friday Black Friday

Peter Aitchison

The tragic story of the country's worst ever fishing disaster.

Cattle on a Thousand Hills

Katharine Stewart

An insightful, affectionate look at the often neglected role of cattle in shaping Highland life, from religious practices to cattle-raiding to cowboys.

Book cover for Country Life in Scotland Country Life in Scotland

Alexander Fenton


Ian Ogilvy

An exploration in articles of the unique Dundonian character - its people, industry and history.

Book cover for Eigg Eigg

Camille Dressler

An account of the history of the island and its people from ancient times to the celebrated community buyout in 1997.

Ena's War

Gina Cowan

A personal view of what it was like to be a child in wartime Glasgow.


Old Gala Club

Book cover for Glencoe and the Indians Glencoe and the Indians

James Hunter

The links that were forged between native Americans and Scottish Highlanders across 30 generations of a family.

Book cover for Hebridean Island Hebridean Island

Angus Duncan

The author's boyhood on this tiny island at the end of the 19th century.

Book cover for Hebridean Memories Hebridean Memories

Seton Gordon

Book cover for Highland Cowboys Highland Cowboys

Rob Gibson

Pilgrims in the Mist

Sheila Stewart

Sheila Stewart, singer, storyteller and author, is one of the last in the line of Scotland's travelling people. The way of life of the old travellers - tramping the country roads, camping in the woods, hawking, fortune-telling and temporary work on farms - has now all but died out.

Book cover for Scottish Exodus Scottish Exodus

James Hunter

A unique approach to studying the Scottish diaspora, Hunter looks at specific members of one clan - the MacLeods - and what became of them in very different parts of the world.

Book cover for Stone Voices Stone Voices

Neal Ascherson

Book cover for The Canoe Boys The Canoe Boys

Alastair Dunnett

An epic trip by canoe up the west coast of Scotland in the 1930s.

Book cover for The Claim of Crofting The Claim of Crofting

James Hunter

A look at how crofting, once dismissed as an outmoded and irrelevant form of living, has now become recognised as an ecologically sound and resilient means of revitalising remote communities .

The Making of the Crofting Community

James Hunter

A classic of social history which tells the background to the oppression and dispossession of the crofting communities of the Western Highlands and Islands.

The New Scottish Cinema

Johnathan Murray

Book cover for The Scottish Countryside The Scottish Countryside

Rosemary Gibson

The Summer Walkers

Timothy Neat

This is Not About Me

Janice Galloway

Book cover for To the Ends of the Earth To the Ends of the Earth

T M Devine

A history of Scottish emigration.

Book cover for Victorian Scotland Victorian Scotland

James Crawford

Book cover for Villages Of Fife Villages Of Fife

Raymond Lamont Brown

Book cover for Wanderings with a Camera in Scotland Wanderings with a Camera in Scotland

Lesley Ferguson

A superb collection of high-quality historical photographs.

Book cover for When I Was Young When I Was Young

Timothy Neat

Book cover for Women of Scotland Women of Scotland

David S Ross

Stories of Scottish women throughout history

Women of the Highlands

Katharine Stewart


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