Travel in Scotland

Between Weathers

Ron McMillan

The first travelogue on Shetland for many years looks at the wealth of natural attractions and the hospitality of the Shetland people.

Burns Country

David Carroll

Book cover for Coasting Round Scotland Coasting Round Scotland

Nicholas Fairweather

Book cover for Eye on the Hebrides Eye on the Hebrides

Mairi Hedderwick

Sketches and descriptions of a six-month journey through the Western Isles in a camper van.

Highland Journey

Mairi Hedderwick

Book cover for In the South Seas In the South Seas

Robert Louis Stevenson

Isles at the Edge of the Sea

Jonny Muir

Journeys in the Western Isles

Book cover for Letters from Hamnavoe Letters from Hamnavoe

George Mackay Brown

Off in a Boat

Neil M Gunn

Book cover for Sea Change Sea Change

Mairi Hedderwick

Voyage of the "Pharos"

Sir Walter Scott

Wilderness Dreams

Mike Cawthorne

8 essays on different aspects of the remotest places in Scotland


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