Scotch Whisky

Many aspects of Scotland are known and respected worldwide but the one that has unquestionably conquered the globe is Whisky. And while there are some adherents of Irish Whiskey, and some of Japanese, it is Scotch Whisky that is the over-riding favourite. Only the more exotic of French brandies come remotely close to the rich variety of tastes that Scotch offers. Whether it is the result of the art of the blender or the consummate skill of the single malt distiller, there is a whisky that will suit your tastes. Here are books that describe its taste, its production, its distilleries and its history.
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Book cover for Jim Murray's Whisky Bible Jim Murray's Whisky Bible

Jim Murray

One of the best of the guidebooks to whisky due to its vast number of tasting notes.

Book cover for Malt Whisky Malt Whisky

Charles Maclean

Book cover for Malt Whisky Companion Malt Whisky Companion

Michael Jackson

Essential reference from one of the most respected whisky writers in the business.

Book cover for Malt Whisky Map of Scotland Malt Whisky Map of Scotland

A map guide to the whisky distilleries in Scotland.

Book cover for Peat Smoke and Spirit Peat Smoke and Spirit

Andrew Jefford

A detailed analysis of the distinctive whiskies of Islay and their place in the history of this wild and beautiful island.

Book cover for Raw Spirit Raw Spirit

Iain Banks

One of Scotland's best known writers on his other passion - Whisky.

Book cover for Tales of Whisky Tales of Whisky

Stuart McHardy

Book cover for The Malt Whisky File The Malt Whisky File

John D Lamond

Book cover for The Whiskies of Scotland The Whiskies of Scotland

Michael Jackson

The Whisky Barons

Allen Andrews

Book cover for The Whisky Men The Whisky Men

Gavin D Smith

Book cover for Whisky Classified Whisky Classified

David Wishart

A new way of assessing and describing the taste of malt whisky.

Book cover for Whisky Dream Whisky Dream

Stuart Rivans

The resurrection of the Bruichladdich distillery, one of the best of the famous Islay malts, and the men who brought it back to life against the odds.


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